• IEM: Mitochondrial defects
    Technique: Taringou Mitochondrial Deceleration (patent pending, 2023)
  • Smart Metabolic Metromap
  • Hybrid Metabolism

We develop methodologies to address the defects of aerobic energy metabolism of mitochondrial pathway. The technique applied is categorically a metabolic reprogramming with an engineered synchronized process which disburden the defective pathway. This in turn shall produce and release the neurotoxic intermediate metabolites at a lower rate. As opposed to the currently available treatment methods which are mainly of symptomatic purposes, the applied technique addresses the defect at the activation site of its metabolic mechanism and is aimed to achieve a therapeutic impact.

We are actively seeking partnerships for our R&D projects. Our engineering expertise would like to combine forces with passionate and dedicated partners and scientists from fields of biochemistry, clinical chemistry, neurological medicine, metabolic and intensive care medicine. We value multidisciplinary teamwork and believe we could reach our milestones through an interdisciplinary network of open and talented partners.

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Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle

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